Summerschool 2023

Date 2nd July – 8th July 2023 


The connection between movement and emotions has a long tradition in psychomotortherapy. This connection is already evident in the name: Psycho-Motor-Therapy. Emotional information is linked to physical representations and vice versa. Thus, certain movements and postures can express emotional states and certain emotional states are expressed though the body and in movements. 

In recent years, this connection has also been increasingly addressed in other disciplines (e.g. psychotherapy or neuropsychology etc.).  

Can new findings, for example from mindfulness or embodiment research, be linked to our previous psychomotor approaches?  

What new implications could this have for psychomotor therapy? 

The Summer School addresses these questions in a theoretical and experience-oriented manner and offers space for the discussion of theoretical models, methods and techniques.  

The experience and the practical confrontation with the questions is exciting. 

You will be able to expand both your knowledge and your options for intervention.