Documents 2010

Rehabilitation in the area of children 
Not only practice makes perfect (PDF),  Karoline Sammann
Early Development (PDF),                       Séverine Bekier                   

Rehabilitation in the area of quality of life and functionality
Material submitted by Sofia Santos:
Quality of Life and IDD (PDF)

Optional reading:
Quality of Life, Introduction (PDF), Reference list (PDF),  
Psychometric properties (PDF)

Short articles submitted by Bart Engelen:
 Anger and depression (PDF)
 Emotional stages of recovery (PDF)
 How the brain is hurt (PDF)
 How the brain works (PDF)
 Memory (PDF)

 Optional reading:
 Dealing with doctors (PDF)
 Family members (PDF)
 Getting overloaded (PDF)
 Head injuries indicators (PDF)
 Headaches (PDF)
 Problems getting organized (PDF)
 Professionals (PDF)
 Returning to school (PDF)
 Seizures (PDF)
 Sleep disorders (PDF)
 Word finding (PDF)

 You are also expected to have read some material about mindfulness
 (Example:  Full Catastrophy of Living and Mindfulness for beginners,
 written by Jon Kabatt Zin) 

Rehabilitation in the area of chronic pain
Action proneness (PDF),                    Karin Ladeby 
The Fear-Avoidance Model (PDF),   Lia Van der Maas 

Further reading (optional)
Lewis (PDF)
Afrell (PDF)
Osborn (PDF)
Pesso (PDF)
The Controlled Approach – Exercise (PDF)