Participants 2010 (DK)

Lieke Meijer (Windesheim)
My name is Lieke Meijer and I am 19 years old. When I was 6 years old I started with ballets and I loved it! When I was 8 years old I also started playing volleyball. Unfortunately I had to quit with ballets because at secondary education it was a bit too much to sport five times a week. I played volleyball until last year, but had to quit, again because of my education. I had to travel three hours every day and couldn’t make the trainings on time. I still like to watch volleyballmatches and would love to start again after my study.
Since I moved to Zwolle last summer, I live on my own. Every weekend I go home to my parents to work at a supermarket and relax a bit. When I’m in Zwolle I love to have dinner with friends, or just go for a cup of tea together. I think it’s very nice to decide by myself for example what I’m doing when, where and with who. One of the benefits of living on my own! I don’t have a lot of spare time, but in my free time I also love reading, walking with the dog, dancing and watching movies with a nice glass of wine. I’m very excited to participate in this program this summer and I’m looking forward to it!
Mieke Selten (HAN)My name is Mieke Selten and I’m 18 years old. I’m living in Wilbertoord, a little village in the south of holland. I live there with my parents, my brother and my two sisters. Every day I am going to Nijmegen by bike, bus and train. It’s about three quarters of an hour.Three times a week, I play korfball. I’m a korfball teacher of little children. I really like to do that. I also play tennis. In my free time I also love watching movies, reading and talking with friends.I really like psychomotoric therapy. The combination of sports and helping people with their problems is lovely.In Denmark, I hope to learn from the people I’ll meet and the things I’ll see. I’m already very excited to go to Denmark! See you in August!
Martine Geerts (Windesheim)
My name is Martine Geerts and I’m 22 years old. Since I’ve started studying psychomotor therapy I moved to Zwolle. I live there for 3 years now. I grew up in a small village in the north of Holland. In the weekend you can mostly find me there. Before I moved to Zwolle I had two favorite sports. Ice speed skating and cycling. The first I did for like 13 years but unfortunally I don’t have the time to practice a lot and I made the choice to focus on my study instead of my sport. I miss practicing sports in my free time so I’m happy that my study gives me the chance to still enjoy sports but in another way. Interacting with people while taking advantage of sports and the things you see in the movement of people motivates me. It motivates me to get to know the story behind the person.I’m looking forward to the program in Denmark and meeting all new people. I agree with Linda in having a great time! See you all in August!
Michael Taen (HAN)
Hello! As you can see my name is Michael. I live in Nijmegen for 21 years now. That’s my whole life. In these years I have practiced many sports like basketball, rugby, soccer and fitness. But while practicing these sports I have always been interested in martial arts, so I do kraf maga and kung fu for 2 years and jiu-jitsu for 10 years. I also train children in jiu-jitsu from the age of 8 to 14 years old every Friday night. Other hobby’s of mine are partying and traveling, but mostly partying. I’m in my second year of PMT (Psycho-motoric therapy) and I still like it very much. The fact that I keep developing myself as a person and can help others doing the same , is a great motivation! Well I’m looking forward to our little trip and I’m exited to meet all the other participants.
Linda Peters (Windesheim)
My name is Linda Peters, 20 years old. Beside my study I’ve been a very enterprising person. I’m a volleyball teacher of children at an age of 10 going 13 years old. It’s interesting to learn them more things about the volleyball techniques. I’d played volleyball for 10 years but because of my study it wasn’t possible anymore. I also work with a handicapped girl. I learn her how to travel from Zwolle to Leiden so she can travel on her own in the future. I really enjoy working with people who are mentally and/or physically disabled and I believe sports and movement is very important for development. But also the awareness is very important. The little things are so important to see; the way people look at you, the smile on there face when you help them. I’d really like to recognised these little things I caused. I’m looking forward seeing you in Denmark!We are going to have a great time
Rienk Jager (Windesheim)
My name is Rienk Jager and I’m 22 years old. For many years I played soccer, but two years ago I had to make a difficult decision to quit because of school and work. Lucky for me I can compensate the exercises on school. In my first year we did al lot of sports, but during this Second year it decreased. Soccer is my number one sport to play, but to be honest. I like to play every kind of team sport. For example basketbal, volleyal and baseball. Every Thursday and Saturday I work in a clothing shop called WE fashion. My first priority is to help somebody with a suit. Besides that I have to make sure that the shop looks nice and tidy. I do this for a year now and I love the interaction between the people. Because you’re not done in a couple of minutes we spend some time together to find the perfect suit.
I live in Zwolle now for two years and I love the life of being a student. Once a week some classmates come together and meet in a bar to drink and chat. Besides that I love to make my one decisions when it comes to what I eat for dinner or my daily schedule after school.My family consist of my father, my mother and my brother who is 20 years of age.
Rob Clarijs (Windesheim)

My name is Rob Clarijs. I’m 23 years old and live in Zwolle, that’s in Holland.
I study psychomotoric therapy at Windesheim College in Zwolle.
My hobby’s are dancing, watching soccer and computering.
See you all in Denmark!!
Josje van den Brink (HAN)My name is Josje van den Brink and I’m 22 years old. I live in Nijmegen in a house with two friends. I study Psychomotor therapy in Nijmegen, before this study I have studied Pedagogy for four years and I graduated in june 2008. Besides school I work with autistic children and children with a developmental disorder at various institutions. Further, I really like to sport. When I was young I did gymnastics and played hockey. I was 11 years old when I stopped with gymnastics. Now, I still hockey in Bemmel where my parents live. Three times a week I go to Bemmel to train and play a hockey match. I also do several sports at the university sports center including squash, dancing , spinning and zumba. I am looking forward to go to Denmark and meet other students from other countries with the same type of education. See you there!
Laura Lutters (HAN)
Hello, my name is Laura Lutters and I am 25 years. I live in Arnhem, that is a city 20 km away from Nijmegen, were I have studied the last four years. I live on my own in a house with four other people. It’s in the middle off the city-centre, so there are always people close by and I like that. Before my last four years of studying Psycho Motoric Therapy I studied at the CIOS for four years. CIOS is a school for sports. Here I learned to give sports lessons in all sports, especially to people with behouvior problems. After those four years I started with studying Psycho Motoric Therapy. In my third year I had my internship in the forensic psychiatry. Mainly I worked with people suffering from personal disorders, schizophrenia and addiction problems. Now I’m finished with school and in August I will receive my diploma for Psycho Motoric Therapy. Last May I started working as a psychomotor therapist for 20 hours a week. I work in a clinic where people are treated after they have come into contact with the justice system. I’m really looking forward to August when we will follow the program together. Happy holidays and see you all in Denmark!
Wieneke van Zanten (HAN)
As you can see my name is Wieneke van Zanten. I’m 23 year old and live in Nuenen. Nuenen is a small village in the south of Holland near Eindhoven. In my spare time I really like to sport especially playing basketball. I’m playing basketball in Eindhoven of more then 10 years now, and I still love the sport and club in playing for. I’m really involved with my club, like organizing activities, like a basketball camp for the youngest kids in the club, but also giving practice to 15 year old kids and I am coordinating a project to get kids with special needs playing basketball in a “normal” club… Other things I like to do are, snowboarding, hanging out with friends, and I really like to travel. Meet new people and cultures! I’m really looking forward to meet you all in Denmark! Till then enjoy the summer! See you in August!
Ivana Nagtegaal (HAN)

My name is Ivana Nagtegaal and I am 22 years of age (when I will be in Denmark after July). I live in the Netherlands, where I grew up in a small town in the South of the country. Nowadays, I study in Nijmegen, in this town I live on my own.
After secondary school, I joined  the junior college CIOS (sport academy) with a specialization in special education and tennis. After graduation,  I continued in Nijmegen the study “psychomotor therapy”.  Last year I completed my first year, I am now in second grade. Caracteristic for myself; I am athletic, independent, enthusiastic and I am eager to learn. My hobbies are tennis, soccer and lacrosse. Every year, I go skiing as well.
I got the opportunity to come to Denmark which seems to me a unique chance to not only expand my network and knowledge but also learn more about this country and the different views on PMT of the countries of this educational initiative, an experience I will be able to use during school in the future and will always carry with me in my future work. See you all in Denmark!!
Geertje van ValkenburgMy name is Geertje van Valkenburg and I’m 23 years old. I hope to finish my study in psychomotor therapy very soon. I’m in the fourth year now! I spent my youth in a middle-sized place called Houten. Houten is near the city Utrecht in the middle of the Netherlands. Since a year I’m living in Utrecht, together with two friends of mine. In the third year of the study I did a 10 month internship in an institution for mentally handicapped people with highly disturbed behaviour and psychotic disorders, a very complex subject group. Examples of the psychoses that I encountered included: schizophrenia, personality disorders, depression, autism and impulse-control disorders. I had a very fulfilling experience at this institution as I learned so much about working as a psychomotor therapist and about myself. I really like the subject group I worked with during my internship because those people are so pure! I would like to work with this subject group in future! And than something about my interests. I like to spent time with my family and friends! For example having a drink with them or watching movies. I have played volleyball for years and y also like walking and cycling. I’m looking forward to the Accession Workshop Denmark! The theme of the Accession workshop, rehabilitation, has not had so much attention during my studies, so I’m very curious. See you there!
Judith Oesterle (HAN)  For the study psychomotorical therapy (PMT) I moved from Germany to Nederland, Nijmegen. In 2009 I took part at the PMT congress in Amsterdam en in Brussel. Last year I also went to Swiss to follow an exchange programm PMT there at the universitiy in Zürich. This way I already used some possibilities to get an international vieuw on PMT and I`m excited to join the IP in Denemark. For me it´s the last chance to join the IP programm, because of being finishd with the study PMT this summer. The presentation of my bachelortheses I wil give during the IP-Programm in Denemark. This will be a nice pleasure to me, because my bachelortheses is based on a internship I followed in a Swiss instituion.
Lisanne Hein (Windesheim)
My name is Lisanne Hein and I am 21 years old. This is the second study I follow in psychomotor therapy. The first study I finished 2 years ago and this study is a whole new challenge!Besides school I work part time in a fitness centre in Emmeloord, where I live. I love the interaction with the customers because there is always time for fun and a little chat. The joy they get from sporting is a motivator for me while I am working there.I also see that joy when I teach the children at my volleyballclub. I coordinate 5 teams in several ages and all teams are very exited to learn volleyball. I also play volleyball myself. I am very exited to go to Denmark and exchange information and ideas with you all! See you in august!

  My name is Rosana Larsen. I am a student of Psychomotor therapy. I am 37 years old and I  live in Copenhagen, Denmark .
I am originally from Cuba, but I have been living in Denmark for 6 years.
I love to dance in my spare time and I look forward to meeting you all.
Hi everybody!

My name is Line Søfeldt and I´m from Copenhagen.
I study at the school of Psychomotor therapy in Copenhagen, Virum Sorgenfri.
I look very much forward to meeting you all in August and learn a lot from the different aproaches we have to our profession.

Greetings from Line

  Hi fellow students,My name is Marianne Næsager, I am 36 and from Copenhagen. I am doing my last year at Skolen for Psykomotorik and presently writing my BA project.
I like the Danish way of practising psychomotorics with relaxation therapy and “free movement”, but am also curios to know how other countries work. That led me to join the Student Academy in Zwolle in 2005 and the Psychomotor Congress in Amsterdam in 2008. In 2009 I was in Zwolle again for 2 months of internship, where I also thought the Danish way of psychomotorics to students there.
I’ve been working with a lot of different things, before I decided to study psychomotor therapy. Theatre school and cabinet making, among others. I have my own clinic in Copenhagen, where I work with sport massage and relaxation therapy. I have had the clinic for almost 7 years and rent out for other therapists too. In my spare time I practice Buddhism.
I’m looking very much forward to this course. I’ll be seeing you in Randers.Greetings  from Marianne
 Eva Bladbjerg

From Randers:

Hello, My name is Christina Tronborg. I’m 29 years old, and I’m living in an apartment in Randers with my boyfriend.In the Summer of 2005 I graduated as a social educator. Since then I have been working with both babies, children, youngsters - and now adults too. I study psychomotor therapy in Randers, and I’ve got big interest in working with rehability.
During my education I’ve been doing an internship and practiced working in a rehability team at CSL (Center for Health and living) in Silkeborg. I like being a part of a team helping people to find their way to help themselves in their daily living.In future I have a dream of becoming a part of such a team in a Health Center for people who are in need of methods coping with stress. I hope I can develope my skills by working with rehability at the IP.See you soon, Christina
  Hello, My name is Ina Hvalsøe-Andersen, and I am 23 years old. I just moved to Århus where I share an apartment with a student of physiotherapy.I registered this module, when I realized that as a psychomotor therapist I can make a difference here and that the sphere of activity is wide.When I do not attend my studies and spend time on homework, I go to the gym and meet friends.I am looking forward to what will hopefully be 14 exciting days in AugustSee you soon.
My name is Nickie Bolther Andersen, I’m 22 years old and I study Relaxation and Psychomotor Therapy in Randers. This is my 4th semester.I am very open to new challenges and new ways of learning, and I consider myself as being very committed to the tasks I undertake.
I find psychomotor rehabilitation very interesting and I’m sure I’m going to work in this field in one way or another, when I have graduated. I consider this as a great opportunity to get an insight into how psychomotor therapists in other countries work in this field.
My name is Christian Nielsen and I am completing my 6th semester of my bachelor in relaxation and psychomotor therapy.
I am 23 years old and I live in Århus in an appartment with one of my friends.
I think that the program of the IP sounded good and it is also very relevant for my education in psychomotor therapy.
It will also be interesting working together with people from other countries and other schools
My name is Monica Stensland, I am 29 years old and am from Norway but I have been living in Denmark for the last 8 years. I am completing my second year of the Psychomotricity Education in Randers.I live in the countryside of Århus and enjoy the nature and my little house wagon. In my spare time I like dancing Sukuma traditional dance (from Tanzania) and I some times also dance MB training.Im looking forward to meeting you all and I’m really excited to find out what the course will bring 🙂 Greetings from Monica
  My name is Suzanne Langenbach, I am 53 years old and live in Draeby, a small village close to Odense on the island Funen.
To afford studying, I work seven days every 14 days. I work in the social psychiatry branch with mentally ill people, mostly young women, but lately we also have some young men. It is an interesting and rewarding job.
Professionally I am slowly starting up a private practice. I rent a clinic for some hours where I can treat my clients.
When I can, I meet my colleagues to exchange and discuss our work.
Beside school and work I spend time with my family, our horses, dog and cats.I am looking forward to meeting you all and hopefully learning a lot.
  My name is Lise Nyboe and I am 53 years old.I live in a small old fishing village in the Southern part of Funen, 250 kilometres away from the Studies. For this reason I have moved to a campus in Randers while studying.
I have worked with humans all my life: In the hospital service, the nursing care sector, and as a swim teacher of disabled children. Furthermore, I have worked within the field of psychotherapy and massage before starting my studies here.
In my spare time I swim, paddle the kajak and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. When I have completed my studies, hopefully in January 2011, I would like to teach and give treatments to pregnant women before and after they have given birth and their infants. The field of children who are motor handicapped also has my interest.I’m looking forward to meeting you.
  Tina Marie Widén
  Rasmus Kræn Matthiesen

Aurore Clement
My name is Aurore CLEMENT and I’m 26.
I live in Bourg-la-reine, a little city in the suburbs of Paris. I live on my own, with my best friend (we share the appartment). I really love this job we are about to do! We are the ones who care the connexion between spirit and body, this connexion which is the key to live and develop ourselves in harmony.
Before turning to psychomotricity, I’ve learned english and spanish in college, thus I really like international exhanges and talking with people from other countries. I love pets, music (practicing and listening!), sports (I love horse riding, and dancing, for example) and seeing my friends.

Priscilla Schimmel

My name is Priscilla Schimmel, and I’m 25 years old. I’m living in Pontault-Combault, a city situated between Disney Land and Paris ! I studied psychomotricity at the Institut Supérieur de Rééducation Psychomotrice ans I’ll (normally) graduated in July. I want to go one my studies with a master in Rehabilitation, and I would like to eventually work in clinical research in psychomotricity. I’m very happy to go to Danemark to meet people from differents country ans with various pratices of psychomotricity.
I’m really happy to go to Denmark this summer and to share this experience with you all.
See you soon!!



Pauline Kapps

I’m Pauline KAPPS and I’m 22. I’m living in RUEIL-MALMAISON, which is a city in west Paris, since I’ve began my schooling at the Institut Superieur de Reeducation Psychomotrice in Paris. I’ve just ended my last year and I have graduated last july. I’m vey excited to begin the IP. That’s for me an opportunity to meet new people from different countries, to discover new psychomotricity ways of thinking and to exchange about our so fascinating profession!!
See you!!

My name is Carmen Lana and I live in Lucerne, a very nice city in the middle of Switzerland. Beside the school I do gymnastics or go in for something with my friends. In winter I like snowboarding and when the weather is warmer I enjoy the days or evenings by riding my BMX.Before studying Psychomotor therapy, I went to high school and did a yearlong training in an institution for disabled children and youths. At that time I didn’t even know whatPsychomotricity was but now I’m very happy to study it :-)In February I was on a study trip to Copenhagen with four students of my class. We visited the school in Hillerød and a private practice. At that time it was very cold, so I’m looking forward to see Denmark in summer 😉 But certainly the most important thing for my participation in this program is to learn more about psychomotor therapy in other countries.
   My name is Micaela Kottlow and I’m 28 years old. I’m living in Zürich quite close to the school where I’m studying.To afford my student life I work 2 days a week in a social insurance. It’s great to work there because it provides a welcome change from the everyday student life.Beside school I like to read, to go to concerts or art exhibitions and to meet friends. I’m very excited to go to Denmark and meet new people from different countries all studying psychomotor therapy.
  My name is Roland Schoepf, I am 31 years old. Originally I’m from Soelden in Austria but I have lived in Switzerland for eight years now.Before I started studying psychomotricity at the University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education in Zurich, I worked for two years on practising traditional chinese medicine.I like different sports, especially climbing, skiing, biking and hiking.
   My name is Nadine Rohner and I’m 21 years old. For one year I have lived with another psychomotor therapy student in Olten. Every day I take the train to Zurich where I’m studying psychomotor therapy.In my spare time I play the violin and like to do sports like jogging or swimming for myself.I enjoy very much working with children. It’s exciting to find out, what their real problems and actually subjects of life are. You encourage them while you can see their progress step by step. Because children love to move and play, they normally really like to visit us. So it’s a nice feeling to see them happy and smiling during the therapy.I’m looking forward seeing you in Denmark!
  My name is Rowenna Meier and I`m 21 years old. I come from Winterthur, a nice town near Zürich, where very many people ride bycicles – me too.I like many kinds of sports, especially athletics, which I did for many years, but now I play badminton and go climbing. I like djembe rhythms, but I`m still a beginner at playing it. In my spare time I also like to drink a coffee with friends, to go dancing or to make a barbecue at the riverside. Also I love to travel.In my practival training in a school for children with special needs, I realised how important movement, arts and music for their health and developement is and how much they like it.And so I`m looking forward to participating in this programme and meeting new people from Europe, who are doing the same training.See you in August!
  Hello everybody!My name is Sonja Pellet. I am from Schönried. It is a little village in the mountain of Bern. I’m 29 years old and psychomotor therapist is my second study.The HfH is in Zürich and I have a long way to go to Zürich. I`m studying two days per week and the rest of week I work in the primary school of Schönried as a special teacher for a young guy with autism. So once in a week I have to wake up at 4.45 and go by train at 5.16 am. That`s really early!I’m doing a lot of sports. In the winter I only have 5 minutes to the next chairlift to do skiing and snowboarding. In the summer I go mountain biking, swimming and surfing. I like to go to open air concerts, theater and cinema. And one of my favorite hobby is travelling. So I’m very happy to be in the IP and I’m looking forward to meet you all in Denmark.
My name is Michèle Herzog and I’m 22 years old. I live in Lucerne, a town in the middle of Switzerland. The HfH, the university where I study, is in Zürich. Each day I travel by train for one hour to get to the school.My hobby is dancing, first of all Salsa. That’s just much fun and makes me feel free. I like to do sport in generally. I prefer activities in nature as well like jogging, hiking, swimming in the lake (which is really nice in Switzerland!!), cycling and Inline Skating.I would like to get to know a lot of other countries. I wish to travel around the world and meeting people. First step is Denmark. 🙂 So I’m really looking forward to meeting you! I wonder how you work in PMT.
My name is Sandra Friedli and I’m 22 years old. I live in Schattdorf, in a little town in the centre of Switzerland.In my spare time I like to play tennis, do something with my friends or go to the lake and relax there. Moreover I’m interested in watching ballet and see modern arts. Once in a week I work in the centre of informatics to earn a little bit money. Before I studied psychomotricity I had done a work placement for four month with children who are disabled. I’d like to support and help them in their workday.Last winter I was with four other students of my school on a study trip to Copenhagen, so we got the impression that psychomotricity can be very different in other countries. I’m really looking forward to meeting other students and to have an exchange with them. See you there.