Program 2010 (finished)

At this page you will find the old program from the IP 2010

Program:   The IP – program 2010 (pdf)

Thanks to all participants, teachers and coordinators for a great time.

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Psychomotor therapy

At present psychomotor therapy exists as a profession in more than 20 countries and is organized internationally in the International Organization of Psychomotricity and Relaxation,

In Europe it is organized in European Forum of Psychomotricity, . They arrange seminars and congresses each 2nd – 4th year for educated Psychomotor Therapists. The European Forum of Psychomotricity each year arranges a Student Academy for European psychomotricity students. The Academy brings different approaches together and everybody brings home new ways of thinking.

Education within psychomotor therapy is offered in Europe at a BA-level only in five countries at the moment, Portugal, France, Holland, Denmark and Switzerland. 6 schools from these countries are in cooperation seeking in the International program to provide a higher level of exchange and cooperation where we can bring together different methods and also add a theoretical approach on a bachelor level.

International program

The IP is planned for three years with special emphasis on different areas of psykomotor rehabilitation each year to cover different aspects of psychomotor rehabilitation.

Psychomotor rehabilitation is already a subject taught in all the universities involved and the idea is to bring these different approaches together. This is mainly done by having teachers from different nationalities presenting their own approach and leading discussions of differences and national integration together with teachers from other nationalities. Furthermore the students making will make projects with focus on the differences and integration.

This year, 2010, the themes will be in the area:

Functionality and life quality
(Pain, handicapped, tensions, burn out, physical and neural problems)

The aim
The aim of the IP is to provide more knowledge and skills to students who will be working with psychomotor rehabilitation. (This IP forms a forum for international and inter-cultural comparison and joint development work towards innovative methods in psychomotor rehabilitation both in practice and theory as well as in relation to curriculum development).

IP 2010
The 2-weeks IP contains workshops, lectures, discussions, group project, and company visits.

Further details on the workshops will be available in the beginning of March. See documents!

Connection to existing programs
All students participating in the IP are awarded with 5 ECTS-points recognized by all participating universities. (After the IP the results and the material will be integrated in each of the national teaching programs)

– Students’ projects in form of a teaching program/video/oral presentation of their choice. They present the project as well at the IP as at their own university and thereby they bring back the new knowledge to their own national universities.

Target Groups
The IP is directed at 48-50 students, primarily from the universities involved in this cooperation, who have completed the 4th semester in the Studies of Relaxation and Psychomotor Therapy and who are aiming to work with psychomotor rehabilitation.

How to apply for the IP
The students joining the International Program are chosen by their respective university.

The criteria are:

–       Motivation and personal engagement

–       English skills

–       Minimum fulfilled 4th semester

–       A motivated application written in English by all applying students

Please contact your respective university to have more information and deadlines for applying.