Teachers 2017



Pauline Fellinger, Lecturer at Windesheim, Holland

This is my 3rd time joining the Summer School. IP was a beautiful and rich experience! So I am happy to come back this year. I am teacher at the School for Psychomotor Therapy in Zwolle where I am teaching therapeutic skills and methods, Running therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and sexology. I am also a supervisor and student-/teacher-coach at our School. Besides that I have my own Practice in PMT where I do supervision and coaching. I have a background in Physical Education and Movement science from University of Groningen. I have been working as a psychomotor therapist in Health Care since 1989.

  Christina Bär, Lecturer at HfH, Switzerland
I am teaching Psychomotricity at the University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education. I have been working as a psychomotor therapist for 11 years at the public school with children from 4 to 12 years. I studied clinical psychology (MSc in Psychology) at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. I have been competing in Dance competitions and reached the teaching license. I have been working with adults and youngsters in social dances for more than 10 years and let them feel and practice a sensitive way of bodywork, body attention and physical communication by dancing with a partner.


Signe Miranda, Lecturer at VIA University College, DenmarkI am a teacher in Psychomotor therapy at VIA in Randers. I lecture in the subject children’s development and I am the international contact teacher for our Erasmus students. When I am not teaching at Campus, I have my own practice in PMT where I work as a consultant. In my practice, I am screening children for motor development difficulties. I am also educating personnel that are working with children in subject within motor development and the importance of playing. Furthermore, I teach mothers in playing with their 4 months until 8 months old babies, with focus on development and stimulation of the primary senses.

I am married, a mother of two and I live in Randers.


Celeste Simões, Lecturer at FMH, Lisbon am Assistant Professor, Ph.D. at Faculty of Human Kinetics/ University of Lisbon. I give lectures in Psychomotor Rehabilitation, Special Education and in Education Sciences courses, in Human Development, Health Psychology and Health Education and Research Methods.

I have a license in Special Education and Rehabilitation by and a Master degree in Social Psychology. I have written several publications and communications in health promotion and education, resilience and social and emotional competences. Resilience and PMT is 80% of my job – and I love it.


 Chris Raaijmakers, Lecturer at HAN University, NetherlandsIn my work as a psychologist and psychomotor therapist, I love to work with the concept of resilience. Developing and treating people means that someone leaves his comfort zone and moves into the zone of development. During this proces sometimes the particular client/student arrives in the zone of destruction. How to use the resilience in this process is an interesting and important gift.  I have 14 years of experience as a Psychomotor therapist and 16 year as a psychologist/system therapist.

I have a degree of Master Psychologist/NLP Master. I have been working with treatment in youth care/ adults and families, Systeemtherapist and psychosomatic care.


 Nathalie Pichon, Lecturer at ISRP, FranceI always loved singing. Psychomotricity helped me discover voice expression not only through the pleasure it provides but also as a way to connect the mind to thoughts, the thoughts to the body, the body to the feelings, the feelings to the emotions. My experiences with these earned benefits, forms the background of my teaching methods and I use singing as a mediation method in my work with children, especially in case of autism pathology. I also work in a Kindergarten where I work with the children’s self-confident and independent in their explorations and movements in order to enable resilience development.  I have a master