Latest News 2017 (finished)

Summer School Randers 2017.

Resilience in the PMT
From 20th to 26th of August

Welcome, Welkom, Velkommen, Bienvenue, Herzlich wilkomme, Bem-vindo

We are pleased to welcome you all to our PMT Summer School 2017. This year the SS17 will take place in Randers at our Campus, VIA University College, Randers.
The theme for this year’s Summer School is “Resilience” and the aim is to present theory and methods of psychomotor therapy to expand your understanding and knowledge of resilience as a psychomotor therapist in a practical way. Multiple teachers and coordinators have put an effort into arranging this Summer School and we will do our very best to make SS17 in Randers a memorable time for everyone.

Helle Brok, Head of Study of Psychomotor Therapy, VIA
Katrine Filtenborg L-T., student coordinator
Luisa Bæk Andersen, student coordinator