Teachers 2014

Last name First name Country University
Sodogé Anke CH HfH
Uehli Stauffer Beatrice CH HfH
Thulstrup Jeanette DK VIA UC Randers
Bekier Séverine FR ISRP Paris
Glas Olivier NL HAN Nijmegen
Fellinger Pauline NL Hogeschool Windesheim Zwolle
Maximiano Janete PT UTL FMH Lisboa

Jeanette Thulstrup

My name is Jeanette Thulstrup, I’m 42 years old. I have been educated since 2002.
I teach at VIA University College in Randers DK in “Manual Treatment”, ”Basic Exercises” and “Ergonomics”. A long side teaching I work in a health-settlement – specialized in stress. I have been teaching individuals and groups for 12 years.

It interests me to work with clients with pain such as headache, lower-back-pain etc. And I have experienced how visualization and especially imagination (Guided Imagery) helps the client when working with relaxation. I’m looking forward to this IP – communicating my experience to the students, discussing the texts and to give the students tools, so they themselves can create relaxations suited to their future clients.

My theme in the IP is: Relaxation – Using visualization and imagination during relaxation working with pain management.


Janete Maximiano

My name is Janete Maximiano, I’m 35 years old and I have been working as a psychomotor therapist for 12 years in the psychiatric service of Fernando Fonseca Hospital in Amadora/Lisbon. I work with adults most of the time (psychotic patients, anxiety and mood disorders, somatoform disorders), but 10 hours per week I’m completely dedicate to the work with children with mental health problems.
Since 2009 I have been teaching at the Human Kinetics Faculty of the Lisbon University, where I teach relaxation methods.
I did my superior studies on Special Education and Rehabilitation on Human Kinetics Faculty, Lisbon University (1997-2002).

I have a master degree on Psychosomatics from ISPA (Applied Psychology Superior Institute, 2009). Since 2012 I have been doing my PhD degree on the rehabilitation field, at the Human Kinetics Faculty, Lisbon University. My research subject is Body Schema and Pain Perception in Fibromyalgia patients.


My main motivation to be part of the IP is to share knowledge and professional experience with the teachers and students.
I’ll be teaching with Olivier Glas about Group Dynamics and we are confident that we have prepared a good combination of theoretical and practical classes. I hope the students will be more skilled in what concerns group observation methods and how to use it to formulate an investigation question.
I am also very motivated to know Zurich and to receive as much of its good summer energy as possible.