Participants 2013 (PT)



My name is Pernille Molbech Sørensen. I’m 23 years old and I’m studying psychomotor therapy on 2nd year at Via University College Randers, Denmark. I’m living with my boyfriend. I’m very interested about training and I spend a lot of my time in the gym. I like to drink a good cup of coffee with my friends and talk about everything that is on your minds. I hope to get more information about the way that other countries are working with psychomotor therapy. I’m really excited about going to Lisbon and I’m looking forward to meet you all!


  Mie Priess Loft Hello everyone! My name is Mie! I am 24 years old and from Denmark. I am in my 3th year of studying psychomotor therapy and I also participated on IP in Zürich back in August last year. I believe once again IP will be a great experience, this time in Lisbon with you guys! I am very much looking forward to meeting all of you in July.

Thorkild Stoltze Lauridsen Hi there. My name is Thorkild Stoltze, 51 years old. I am a third year student at Relaxation and Psychomotor Therapy studies in Randers, Denmark and live with my wife and kids nearby. I love all sorts of music and I am a dedicated flute player. I think that I will bring the flute to Lisbon. Also, I love swimming and work to improve my crawl. Earlier in my life I have been doing judo, classical ballet and a lot of competitive sailing. To make money, I worked as an IT-professional. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to change my life and do something completely different, so now, I am a student. I love what we are doing in Randers, and look forward to do even more in Lisbon 2013. Looking forward to see you all in the beautiful city of Lisbon.



Solvej Forster Kristensen Hi. I’m Sunway (Solvej). As long as I remember, I have been interested in health. The physical health as well as the mental health. And all topics about the human, about what make us feel good and balanced in our life is interesting to me. Therefore have I spend most years of my 27 years long life, studding and learning about exercise/sports, diet, coaching, personal leadership and psychology. I am a passionate psychomotor therapist student and I’m looking very much forward to meet you all in Portugal.


   SUSSI Mortensen Hello summerstudents in Lisbon I am Sussi, 50 years old, 2nd year student at VIA University College in Randers. I have been working in the financial world until I decided to change course in my life,  2 years ago. I am glad I made that decision and pursued my interest for working with body and mind. In my spare time I kayak, socialize with family and friends, like to be out in the nature and especially love to go wandering in the mountains at La Gomera (canary island) I live in Randers with my husband. We have 4 children, all grown up. I’m looking forward meeting you all in an inspiring week in Lisbon – Greetings from Sussi.

Ditte Braskhøj Lauridsen My name is Ditte and I am 26 years old. I am on the third and last year at the school of Psychomotor Therapy in Randers, Denmark. I am looking so much forward to the IP Summer School because of many reasons. Meeting new people in an International setting through professional and social activities is one of the main reasons for attending Summer School. Furthermore, on a more personal level, I love to move and explore what my body can tell me. Besides that I am looking forward to exploring Lisbon – a city I have heard many great things about.


  Morten Justesen Hi everybody! I’m Morten from Denmark, I study Psychomotor therapy at the VIA University Campus in Randers, I’m at my 2.year now. What brought me to this study was the psychological aspect. Later on I understood the importance, of the connection between our mind and body. I have 2 jobs beside the study, and in my spare time I love spending time in the nature, mostly by rowing kayak and mountain biking. I also love to travel, meeting and experiencing new cultures. Looking forward to seeing you all.
  Else Alliverti Kronman My name is Else and I’m 52 years old. I’m on the third year of studying Bachelor in Relaxation and Psychomotor Therapy in Denmark. Earlier in my life I was working as an actress and later on I’ve been working with psychiatry. I have a 19 years old daughter who’s half Portuguese, so I have a special relationship to Portugal. I’m looking forward to meet you all.
Cristel Lopes – SS Assistant
Hello! My name is Cristel and I’m 21 years old. I’m student and this is my last year (yehhh). I’m part of the organization of the Summer School 2013 and I’m available to answer to your questions.
Any questions or just to get a smile … I’m here!
See you soon 🙂

 Sara Duarte – SS Assistant
Hello! My name is Sara, I’m 20 years old and I am part of the organization of the Summer School Lisbon 2013! I’m here for any questions and I’m available to help you in need. I’m looking forward to meet you all in Lisbon next July! 🙂


See you soon!

   André Lourenço
Hello fellow students! My name is André, and I am looking forward to learn from and with you. See you on June 30th.”
   Joana Marreiros
Hi, my name is Joana Marreiros, I’m 20 years old and I attend the 2nd year of psychomotor rehabilitation. I enrolled in summer school to learn a little more about my future profession.
  Joana Jacinto
My name is Joana, from Cascais. I´m 19 years old, and currently studying in the second year of Psychomotor Therapy. I decided I wanted to be a part of this SS because I’m really interested in knowing more of other countries techniques, and how Psychomotor Therapy is looked upon, and treated in those countries.”
   Ana Matilde Neves
“Hi! My name is Matilde, I’m 21 years old and I can’t wait to meet you all in Lisbon!”
   Vanessa Lameira
My name is Vanessa and I’m motivated to share and learn new things!
  Renske Broers
Firstname: Renske
Last name: Broers
Date of birth: 10-03-1991
Hobbies: horse riding, running, playing hockey and spent time with my dear friends.
  Tanja Peeters
Firstname: Tanja
Last name: Peeters
Date of birth: 20-02-1991
Hobbies: fitness, swimming, watching movies and making fun with my dear friends.
  Liza Heuvels
Hello, my name is Liza Heuvels and I’m 20 years old. I live in Zwolle (Holland) where I’m studying PMT. The education takes four years and I’m in my second year now.  My hobbies are skiing, hockey, jogging and diving. In fact I like all kind of sports. I’m looking forward to see you in Lissabon
  Sven Leushuis
 I’m Sven and i’m 21 years old from the Netherlands and love all kinds of sports. Moving to enjoy life at its best
  Maryse de Boer
Hello! My name is Maryse de Boer. I am 22 years old. I am from Holland, where I live together with two friends of mine in a city called Zwolle. I was born in a city on the cost, Den Haag. I am in my third year of Psychomotor Therapy on the School of Human Movement and Sports in Zwolle, Holland.I love to practice sports and to travel. Right now I am in Brasil to finish my internship here. Therefore I also speak Portuguese, so I can talk with the students from Lisbon in Portuguese JFor my study I already went to Romania to help there with a circus project for disabled children (physical and/or mental) and I went to the Special Olympics in Munich to assist the participants. The Special Olympics is the National Olympic Games for children and adults with a intellectual disability
  Anniek Honkoop
I am Anniek Honkoop, 20 years old and studying Psychomotor Therapy in the Netherlands. I am looking forward to meet the students and teachers of other universities. It will enrich me personally and professionally.
  Loes Peters
Hello everyone, my name is Loes Peters. I am 22 years old and I am a 4th year student at the study psychomotor therapy at Windesheim, The Netherlands. As student to make money I give swim lessons to children. In my spare time I socialize with friends and practice long distance skating. Also I like to travel and meet new people and discover for me new places in the world. After I finished my study I want to travel for a couple of months.  Two years ago I participated in the IP in the Netherlands. It was great to meet people from different countries with a different perspective on psychomotor therapy. So I believe it will be a great experience as well this time in Lisbon. I am looking forward to see you all! Greetings
  Loes Janssen
My name is Loes Janssen and I live in Zwolle, in the Netherlands.
Now I am still 20 years young, but if I will see you in Lisbon I will be 21 years young.
I am a second year PMT student and I like this study very much.
If I am not studying I like to do stuff with my friends, like shopping, going out, but also just talk or just watch a nice movie. And in the weekends I go visit my mother and sister who live 100 km near Zwolle.
I am excited to be here with you all, and I hope it will be an unforgettable experience!
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