Documents 2011

Documents who where given you during the IP 2011

Mental Health_ENG (Paula and Hans)
schizophrenia-booket-2009 (Paula and Hans)
Social competence unit _ENG_PaulaLebre
Mental health book
peer education activities
Peer mentoring in schools
Effects of schoolmentoring 
Trends in peerlearning 
Social competence analysing


Documents you need to read before participation:

Subject:  TO READ!
Psychomotor therapy for stress and anxiety related complaints Literature IP 2011. Anette Knudsen *
Surpressing and avoiding in motorbehaviour
Children with mental health disorder Kumpfer, K.L. (1999). Factors and Processes Contributing to Resilience. The Resilience Framework. In M. D. Glantz & J. L. Johnson, Resilience and Development. Positive Life Adaptions (pp. 179-224). New York: Kluwer Academic Publishers
From the inner world to the outer world Integrative body and Movement therapy
IMT in old age
IMT in old age
IMT for children

 * Brantbjerg, Merete Holm (2008): “Core elements and principles of resource oriented skill training as a psychotherapeutic method” pp 12 – 22
from: Ressource Oriented Skill Training as a Psychotherapeutic Method, Moaiku ©2008 Bodynamic • Brantbjerg,
(11 pages).

 Brantbjerg, Merete Holm (2009): “Introduction & What is muscle response – including hyporesponse? & hyporesponse as a strategy – and how it differs from hyperresponse & How does hyporesponse impact coping with stress? Pp 5 – 14 and “Use of body activities – training principles in resource oriented skill training”P. 31-32.
from: Hyporesponse – the hidden challenge in coping with stress, Moaiku ©2009 Bodynamic • Brantbjerg,
(13 pages).