Latest news 2013 (finished)


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Here are some information’s and facts:

The SS 2013 starts 1st July (Monday) and ends at 5th July (Friday).

  • All students are expected to arrive in Sunday (30th June) afternoon, and as soon as we have your information about arrival and departure times (days and hours) we are going to organize the best way to pick you up at the airport and guide you to the hostel where you will be staying.
  • The hostel’ name is Centro de Estágio do Jamor and is about 1,5/2 minutes walking from and to our school… This hostel is used to receive high competition athletes and there are double and triple rooms (you just have to bring your hygiene stuff; hostel has linen, towels…) … The idea is to “mix” all nationalities…
  • Breakfast is included in room payment (this payment should be made when you arrive here); lunch will be in our school and dinner will be at the hostel
  • Practical information should be sent to you no longer than Tuesday – I’m trying to make a small presentation with some useful information and communication between us will be more intensive from now on…I know that teachers are already working with each other and probably by the end of the month it will be post in SS website some articles or references for you all to read…. (I’ll give the information’s step by step) J
  • I’ll be helped (mainly) by two students assistants: Sara Duarte and Cristel Lopes who will be available for any question…
  • Close to SS 2013 I’ll give more practical tips, but I can advance already with: you will be needing practical clothes and just in case, bring along your swimming suit…. J

And here are some “requests” :

Each one of you should present yourself (a small sentence of presentation) and sent a photo to be posted on SS website till next Monday (students that already have done that, please forget this part)

As soon as possible you should give me your arrival and departures times (days and hours) for me to organize your staying here in the best way – if someone wants to stay longer or came some days before, please let me know during this or next week (if possible send me in a pdf format your flight ticket, please)

Further, “each School” should be presented by students in Lisbon: students should give a short presentation about their university, studies and PMT profession in their country. Presentations will be held on Monday (1st July) and shall not last longer than 10 minutes/country. The idea is to prepare and present together. Please bring your presentation on a stick…