Participants 2011 (NL)

Hello everyone. I am Ralf van Oudheusden, 23 years old (at the IP 24, so let the party begin) and I live in Tilburg. I study psychomotor therapy at the HAN in Nijmegen. After the intensive program, I’m gonna start with my third year of my study. Before I came to Nijmegen, I studying Sports en Movements in Tilburg. Beside school I work in the weekends at a accommodation for kids with an physical disability and serious behavior problems. I spend a lot of time with my friends. Three times a week I’m playing football and sometimes I play a tennismatch with a friend. I’m really looking forward to meet you in Holland! See you at 22th of August!!!
Martin Lehmkuhl Kristensen (VIAUC)
I am 29 years old married and a proud father of two strapping boys.  The connection between body, thought and feeling has always intrigued me. Therefore after doing different jobs some years following high school I started studying Psychomotor Therapy in Randers. It is my third year as a PMT student and I am looking forward getting an international view on my profession. In my opinion the IP is one of the best ways to develop myself professionally and personally, before I go into the “real world”.
My name is Doriane Stéphan (ISRP)Hello, My name is Doriane. I am 22 years old. I live in Paris. I am in third years of psychomotricity at ISRP. My Hobbies are Handball, Dancing and having fun with my friends. I’m looking forward to participate in IP for to meet other students of PMT, to exchange on the knowledge of PMT and to discover the Netherland. Enjoy see you in August!
Thank you
My name is Chantal Brands (Windesheim) and I am 22 years old. I live in a little city Zaltbommel with my boyfriend. It’s almost two ours travelling to Zwolle. Luckily, I have three days internship in Brabant and two days school. So I do not mind to sit in the train wile I read a magazine our book.  This year I had my comeback as a gymnast, after quitting for 2/3 years. The first practise was very hard but I realised that really mist my sport. I started artistic gymnastics when I was six years old so for me it is very difficult to stop forever. In 2009, I have become a coach from a little team of motivated gymnasts. I really like to coach the girls and teach them different elements and new tricks.Before I studied psychomotor therapy, I studied in Arnhem at CIOS to become a sport teacher. However, it wasn’t enough for me so I decided to go to the university Windesheim at Zwolle, to learn more about psychomotor therapy.There many other things I like to do when I’m not busy with school. I love to cook, I really like to paint and chatting with my friends and drink a nice cup of tea.  I also like to shop with girlfriends.I am very exiting to learn from all the other teachers and students I am looking forward to the program in Holland and meeting all new people.
Hello everybody how is joining the International Program! My name is Hannah Hamhuis (Windesheim) and I am following the study Psychomotricity in Zwolle. I live in a little place called Olst, this is 15 minutes by train, so it’s not so far away! I live there with my parents and sister. If I don’t go to school or do homework I like to play tennis and volleyball, this is at Respoc, the sport organization at our school. At home I go for 1 hour in the week to a jumping group, here I am jumping on all kinds of trampolines and I really like it!
I am very curious about the IP, meet new people, get in contact with different cultures and of course different visions about Psychomotricity. I will see you in August and first enjoy your holiday!
My name is Mike Khaled (ISRP)
My name is Ezra Strikwerda (Windesheim). I’m 23 years old and I’m in my second year at Windesheim. So far everything regarding PMT has been an area of interest to me and I enjoy learning new things, which almost seems to happen on a daily basis. Besides that I’m interested in cars, motorcycles and the likes. Driving them is the main fun but I also like to get my hands dirty under the hood.  We never know exactly what the future will brings us but I think I can safely say that we’re in for a very enjoyable, educational and memorable time together at this years IP. Learning from each other, perhaps ourselves, and having a great time doing just that is what I see as the main objective of this IP.  Besides all that I’m very much looking forward to meeting all the other participants. Let’s have a great time together!
Anna-Thit Brünings-Hansen (VIAUC)
My name is Anna Thit and I am 23 years old. I chose the education PMT because of my interest in mind and body. I’m looking forward to attend this IP and meet PMT’s from other countries.I live in Randers, Denmark in at little room sharing kitchen and bath with another student. I like mindfull moving.
My name is Loes Peters (Windesheim) and I am 19 years old. One year ago I moved to Zwolle. I usually go every weekend to my parents and brother in Hengelo. I like it to go every weekend to Hengelo, because a few friends live there also.Every Thursday evening and Saturday I work in a shoe shop In Zwolle. Here I have really lovely colleagues, so I go to my work with pleasure. My hobbies are practicing different sports like gymnastics, tennis, swimming and volleyball. I practice these sports in a sport organization called Respoc that is a sport organization of Windesheim.
The reason why I have started studying psychomotor therapy is because I am very interested in the people who simply can’t participate in everyday activities and sports. Through exercises in the gym, pool, outside, in groups or individual, I find it nice to see how you can help people and see de differences between the first time you saw someone and after a therapy session. When I see a little progress by a person who is in therapy it makes me happy.
In the two weeks we’re all together I hope I will learn a lot about de visions you have about the profession and to learn from each other. I am looking forward to it! See you all in August!
  Julia Wenk (HFH)
Hello, my name is Julia Wenk and I’m 22 years old. Since I’ve started to study psychomotor therapy I live in Zürich with two other students. During my freetime I like to be outdoor and be active like climbing, travelling, snowboarding, scouting… I’m looking forward to meet PMT’s from other countries and to learn more about other theories and practise!
Hi Everyone! Just some information about me!My name is Corola Meulmeester (Windesheim) and im 22 years! Living in Zwolle at the moment that’s because my study, PMT, is here as well! Normally I live in Zeeland, that’s in the south of Holland! Near the beach J!  Things I really like to do, are playing different kind of sports (just be active), sailing, surfing, travel and more of that! Well, can’t wait to meet you all! We make sure you’re gonna have an amazing time here in beautiful Holland! Lets learn from each other and do a lot of fun things! Cheers!
My name is Andreas Swart and I’m from Groningen in the netherlands. I’m addicted to sports, music and self development. At this moment I play tennis, do surfing and sailing and am going to join the trampoline jumping club. I see sport as a way to get to know yourself and others better.
I also really like to go dancing in the weekend, lately I like to go to osho dance nights where you can dance on your bare feet with people from all ages who go totally loose. I also pracctice mindfulness meditation at the moment. And for you guys wondering: “NO I’M NOT A TOTAL HIPPIE….’
Hello everybody !!! My name is Mariline Pereira-Esteves. I am 21 years old. I am com from southwest of France, and I study at ISRP in Paris. I am in the third year of psychomotricity and the last… ! I live alone in this beautiful city where I met great people during my studies. I love traveling ! I am portuguese and I usually spend my holidays in Portugal… except this year to join the IP with you ! I look forward to meeting people and the other practicies of psychomotricity ! And… I would like to improve my English language because it’s so bad ! Hoping to have a great time together ! See you soon… In August !
Elisabeth Brunner (HFH)
My name is Eli and I live together with my fiancé in beautiful Rapperswil (Switzerland) where we share a house with twelve other people. During my holidays, I work for Swiss International Airlines and fly around the globe. So, I have the chance to see many different places and people all over the world. I am looking forward to participating in the program and meeting other PMT students from various countrys. I wish you all a sunny summer!
Anne Mette Danielsen (VIAUC)
My name is Anne Mette Danielsen. I’m 27 years old and I’m studying Psychomotor Therapy in Randers, Denmark. I’m studying PMT because of the connection between the body and the mind – and how it can influence each other. I chose to participate in this year’s IP because of the themes, especially anxiety and stress.
In my spare time I like to ride horses and sit with my feed in the garden grass  in my back yard (in the summer time).
  Elsbeth Jenzer (HFH)
My name is Elsbeth Jenzer (HfH Zurich). I am 26 years old and study part-time and will finish my studies in summer 2012. Beside my formation, I have two different jobs (one in an office and another one in the domain of asylum). I share a flat with a friend of mine in Olten (a small city between Bern and Zurich). I like hiking, dancing, jogging, snowboarding, cycling and meditation. I also used to play violin and saxophone, but at the moment they are just standing around in my room waiting for being played sometime. If the budget allows it, I also like travelling (as here 2010 in Sri Lanka). I am looking forward to meet all of you in August!
Caroline Dusgård (VIAUC)
My name is Caroline Dusgård. I live in Aarhus which is the second largest city in Denmark.
I sing, meditate and dance ( 5 rhythms ) in my spare time. I study PMT because the humanistic approach, with a combination between body and psyche, interests me.
Stress and mental disorders, which is in the IP program, appeal to me and are areas which I want to work with after I finish my studies.
Hi, I’m Rob Clarijs. (Windesheim) I live on the campus in Zwolle but travel back south to Brabant every weekend. I love sports playing sports; I’m especially crazy about Latin dancing, but I enjoy playing soccer and working out with friends too. Apart from that, I like to travel (when budget allows it) or go out clubbing. This year I will partly organise the IP 2011, but course I will join in and participate in the programm as well. I’m lucky to be able to do so, seeing as I was there last year in Denmark too. This year, I hope to meet many new, interesting people from all sorts of countries. There’s nothing better than to exchange ideas en methods within PMT. On top of all that, I love this year’s theme. All the more reason to hope this IP will be a 2 weeks to remember!
Hi! I’m Henriëtte and 22 years old. Since 2010 I study Psychomotor Therapy at the HAN in Nijmegen. Before I started studying Psychomotor Therapy, I studied Clinical Psychology at the Radboud University. I choose Psychomotor Therapy after my study Psychology, because I wanted to have more knowledge, in particular the practical side. Because of my previous project, I follow a adjusted program for Psychomotor Therapy. I follow both courses from the first and second year. Hopefully, next academic year I’ll start the therapeutic internship, which normally will be followed in the third year of Psychomotor Therapy.In 2006 I moved to Nijmegen when I started Psychology. After living in a dorm, I have a apartment for myself. I love the city, which has something sweet. I live at a quit place near the forest and not far from the centre of Nijmegen. The centre is not that big, but nice to go eating and dancing. It has some beautiful parks to enjoy the sun and a river nearby when need cooling down. Hope you like the city also, we’ll see: during the Intensive Program, I’ll show Nijmegen to you!
  Julie Bouguet

 ” Hello everybody! My name is Julie. I’m living in
Paris. I am recent graduate in psychomotricity, like you, at ISRP (Paris).
I like the sport as the handball or the judo, the dance
and having fun with friends. I like also traveling and reading.
I look forward to being in the IP in august to be abble
to exchange ideas on  the various practices in psychomotricity, with you.
I hope that we shall learn
very much from each other. And that I will improve my english at the same
Lone Elmquist Clausen (VIAUC)
My name is Lone and I’m 29 years old and in my last year of the PMT education.
I’m very interested in sensomotoric and learning disabilities and rehabilitation of elderly people and I’m looking forward going to Holland and meeting all the participants of IP 2011 and learning a lot more about PMT from other countries. Take care and see you soon.
Matilde Have Qvist (VIAUC)
My name is Matilde, I am 24 and I live in Aarhus. I am going to this year’s IP mostly because of the themes and to learn about psychomotor therapy in a new and exciting way, meet new people and have fun 🙂
I have never been to Holland, and I am so looking forward to this trip.
In my spare time I love to read (the same books over and over) and to see as many musicals as possible!
Merete Larsen Nielsen (VIAUC)
I am 49 years old, educated as architect and I live in the country side having animals, husband and a daughter who is 9 years old.
I love Hawaii and have practice massage for many years. This gave me interest in Psychomotor Therapy. I love working with the connection between body and mind. Bringing other professions in an international perspective is cool.
  Noémie Müller (HFH)
Hello Together! I see the IP like a great opportunity to learn a lot about PMT.  What I like so much in the IP, is the coming together of people from several countries. I am very interested to know the views from  others.  In my spare time I love to play music with my friends and I Iike dancing, sports,reading, listen to music and spend time in nature. See you this summer =)
Nina Hedegaard (VIAUC)
Hi everyone, I’m Nina and 26 years old. I see a lot of different possibilities in psychomotorical work. This summer I finish 2nd year of the study. I’ve already found out many new things about myself and other people and now I’m excited to get inspired by psychomotor therapists from other countries and to visit the Nederland’s. –I’ve never been there before. See you this summer.
Rebecca Munk Jepsen (VIAUC)
My name is Rebecca and I am 34 years. I am educated as librarian and worked as this for more years. I have studied PMT at VIA University College in Denmark for nearly two years now. I changed career path to be able to work in the field of occupational health and safety. However the more time I spend studying the more I find new interesting possibilities of work fields. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading, jogging and gardening. I am looking forward to meeting you all at IP 2011 and learning about your views on and experiences with PMT.
Sonja Lahn Sørensen
I´m Sonja, 52-years-old and am a 3rd year student of Study of Relaxation and Psychomotor Therapy, VIA University College in Randers, DenmarkAttending at IP 2011 will be a great asset in strengthening and broadening my professional basis as a future psychomotor therapist as I most likely will be on my own with no co-psychomotor therapists colleges at the same working place. I´m excited about meeting and sharing professional’s ideas and practical experiences with foreign students. An experience of lifetime.
I love nature especially the coast along The North Sea up in the northern part of Jutland. Mountains of sand and wind in my hair wandering at the seaside! And I love my little nephew of 3-years-old and spent as much time as possible with him playing around and being physical active. He loves it J
  Daniela Huwyler (HFH)
Hello Everybody! My name is Daniela Huwyler and I am 24 years old. I live in a little village called Steinhausen with my family. I am studying psychomotor therapy in Zürich. Before, I have studied Sports and Health in Basel for 3 years. That wasn’t enough for me, because I wanted to specialize on children. In my spare time I really like to play volleyball, beach volleyball and roller skating. And  I also like to go out with my friends. I am looking forward to the time in Holland and I am excited about what we will learn at the camp.  I am looking forward to meeting you there!
Rikke Frydensberg Iversen
Hey! My name is Rikke, 26 years old from Denmark. Well actually I was born and grew up in Luxembourg where I lived until I was 18 years old (my parents still live there).
Then I packed my suitcase and moved direction my older sister who lives in London. There I stayed for about 3 years, where I worked and studied Graphic Design – after a year I dropped out and thought what now? With my suitcase packed I moved to Aarhus, DK, where I somehow stumbled upon PMT, which I very happy about! I find it very interesting to work with people, and to experience and the  mind and body is so closely connected to each other. I enjoy dancing and jumping especially with bare feet together with other people, walking with my ipod, running in the forest and by the sea, playing, cooking with a glass of wine and most of all relaxing!! I look forward to join this year’s IP, especially to meet you all from different cultures and I´m sure we will have a great time and learn a lot from each other J
Hi everybody! My name is Simone Geuijen, I’m 20 years old and I study at the HAN in Nijmegen. I think psychomotor therapy is a phenomenal profession because it’s so
different from other studies. I’m really interested in how you can express your behaviour and attitude through mimic and movement. I also like exercising and playing sports, especially volleyball. In fact I like to do all kinds of ball games. At the moment I live at my parents house during the weekends and on weekdays I live in a student dormitory near the HAN. In my spare time, I like to write and I make a lot of music. I practise playing a couple of instruments and I like to sing. I spend a lot of time with my friends and my boyfriend, so I have a great life! I’m looking forward to the IP program. I’m very interested in hearing about your experiences with the education and the differences between the various models of experience-based therapy. Enjoy the summer and I’ll see you in August!
Hi Everybody! My name is Britt van Dijck and I’m 20 years old. I study Psychomotor therapy at the HAN in Nijmegen and I really enjoy it! I’m very interested in special, complex behaviour and the possibilities that we have within PMT to explore this behaviour and even learn people how to handle it. I like to dance and in fact I like almost all kinds of sports and movement. I realy enjoy going out with my friends and have a lot of fun. I like to travel and go on vacation so I can see a lot of the world and do exciting things. I live in Nijmegen in a student room with five other girls. In the weekends I go back to my home town: Venray. I look forward to joint the IP and meet you all. I am curious about the different visions off PMT and ways of working that you have. I think we’ll have a great time and learn a lot from each other! See you soon, Greets!
Hello everybody, My name is Josien Versteegen and I study psychomotor therapy in the Netherlands at the academy (HAN) in Nijmegen. I’m 23 years old. I’m now in mine second year of the education and next school year I start mine internship. I will tell something about myself. I am living on my own in a nice village in the south of the Netherlands called ‘Venray’. Since 2 months I have my own apartment there. In my spare time I liked to play soccer. I do this inside and outside. It’s sound a little bit cliché but I really like to shop and go out with my friends. Travelling is also a passion for me, before I start with my study PMT I travelled for a year true Australia and New-Zealand.  I’m really looking forward to participate the IP. I think
it’s a good preparation for my internship. I hope I will meet a lot of people how also interested in PMT, so that we can have a chat about the differences.  I always say don’t
dream your life but live your dreams! See you soon! Greets
Hi! I’am Milou van Zanten and I am 20 years old. I study Psychomotor therapy at the HAN
in Nijmegen. I am in my second study year. I live in Geldermalsen ( a little village in the center of Holland), so I travel each day 3 hours to school and back to home. Fortunately i stay a lot by my nice classmates. And enjoy Nijmegen. Before my study PMT, I completed my study social pedagogical work. But I found my real passion in psychomotor therapy. Beside school I work in the weekends at a accommodation for kids whith an intellectual or physical disabilitie and serious behavior problems. In my spare time I see my friends a do a lot of fun things together. I love to go out, shop, going out to dinner, watch a movie and do sporting activities together as running, skating and swimming. I hope to learn from each other and the teachers in this program, but after all.. I hope experience two fabulous weeks with a lot of fun together!
  Lauréline Münch (ISRP Paris)
Hey! Hello everybody! My name is Lauréline, I am 21 years old and I’m in third year psychomotricity studies to Paris. I lived in Paris during my three years of studies. But I come back recently in province to Yvelines. I am not an expert in English; it’s a cause of my participation to IP. I would like to improve my English language. I am also very excited by this project to meet others peoples who practice psychomotricity in the world. Then, I’m enthusiast at the idea that we exchange on our psychomotricity practice. I am glad to participle at this experience very rich and unique.  Furthermore, I realize my stages with old people and with children in EMP.  I have hobbies in my life, in particular: dancing (Indeed I   do hip hop and African dance), I like read and I very like to do the party!!! Furthermore I like traveling and discover news countries! The IP it’s a opportunity to discover a new culture and news ways of life. I am looking forward to doing coming at IP and meet you!!!!Kiss J
  Hello Everyone! My name is Nadine Veldhuis and I’m 21 years old. I study psychomotor therapy on the HAN in Nijmegen. My interests for this  Wonderful profession began to grow together with my love for horses.
Horses are master in reading body language and giving body signals. Because I wanted to understand horses better I studied their behavior and psychology.
More and more I began to see the similarities between horse and human. I experienced that the horses helped me to understand my body better. I thought that if there is a way that I can learn more about how to help people through movement, body directing and psychology. Than I can bring this together with the knowledge I have from horses and have a fantastic way of giving therapy.  At this moment this study gives me everything I need to achieve my goal. I’m looking forward to be inspired by different views of different countries.  And I can’t wait to meet you all. See you in August.
   Hi everybody !  My name is Camille Molinier, I am 21 years old. I come from Annecy in France (near of Switzerland) ; and I’m in third (and last !!) year at ISRP in Paris !  I love swimming, running, doing sport in general ; and also havind fun and going to partys ! I love traveling, that’s why I’m very exciting about coming for the IP ! I’m looking forward to learn from you all, and share with you what we study in psychomotricity in France ! See you all in august !!!
  Hi everyone, my name is Marco Loureiro and I’m a third-year student of the bachelor degree in Psychomotricity at the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, in Lisbon (PT). I’m very excited about the upcoming event and wish that it will be a great time for learning, to meet fellow students and collegues and just to have a lovely time in this wondeful country. You can find me on facebook. Hope to see you soon.
  Hi everyone!

My name is Tânia McCormick, I’m from Portugal and I’ve just finnished my 3rd year at the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (Lisbon).
I’m really looking forward to meet you all and to enter the IP program. I bet that those two weeks are going to go by so quickly…
but we’re going to make the best out of them, aren’t we?!
See you soon 🙂