What to bring?

What to bring on your trip to XXXXXX, the Netherlands Summer school 2020

    • At university there will be some computers at your disposal but it is highly recommended to bring your own laptop.
    • Bring your own towels.
    • Once in a while there will be free time to get organized by the students themselves. So if you have any material (for instance: games, books or music) to enrich these times, bring it with you. In earlier years some students gave dancing courses and painting courses. Be an animator in whatever.
    • Your ID/Passport and national or international student card
    • And bring some cash with you. Half board will be paid by the programme. This means that you will have to pay yourself other meals. It will be up to you where you want to go eat. You can eat at the university of Nijmegen or in the city. You may get something little cheaper at some fast food places. So we recommend you to bring at least 100 EUR. And do not forget, Nijmegen is a nice shopping area. You may like to buy some souvenirs…
    • Bring your electrical adapter and distribution plug/splitter because there are not that much outlets.
    • You might want to bring ear plugs?
    • The beds are NOT equipped with duvets. Take your own sleeping bag and pillow.
    • At the hostel there are different possibilities to do sports and one workshop will be active. It is optional to participate at the hostel, but obligated to participate during the workshop. So bring your sportswear.
    • Bring your party clothes. The ss19 week is during the introduction week of the Radboud University. That means there will be a lot of parties in the city!
  • Bring all you need like when you go on vacation abroad…


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.